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ICT Intervention in Urban Design

Course Title

ICT intervention in Urban Design

Course Description

Recent past technology has transfer our day to day life, simple examples are Smartphone, Laptop etc. During the past two decades, ICTs have become so pervasive and disruptive that their impact on planning and social relationships has begun to reach far beyond their immediate use as efficient bookkeeping and automation tools. ICT infrastructure has also led to vast changes in the body of the city. According to depth and breadth of these developments, it is essential to understand the new direction of this flow through the physical transformation of the city affected by this new technology.

“If you think that the internet has changed your life, think again. IoT is about to change it all over again!” — Brendan O’Brien, Aria systems

When we talk about Internet of Thing, it’s not just putting RFID tags on some dumb thing is. Can you imagine a computing concept where everyday objects have network connectivity? Is it possible for ordinary devices to communicate among themselves? Yes!! And the answer is ‘Internet of Things’.

This course will examine ICT impacts on area of urban design, development of basic technology and understanding advancement of technology. We will utilize readings, class discussion, guest lectures, and homework exercises to identify and critique key trends, relevant theories, and promising directions for research and professional practice. Course Pre-requisite No specific requirement, Course is designed for beginners.

Course Objective

Learning Outcomes

Students will achieve the following knowledge

Module Details

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Technology Intervention

How technology is useful in day to day life


Technology influence in Urban Design

Various software and its use in Urban Design


Sensing and Actuation

Detail Description of Sensor and Actuators & How to use them


Simulation of Arduino and Hands-on

IOT embedded systems like smart phones play important role. In this section building of virtual system online and understanding will be taught.


MIT app inventor

Everyone in today’s world want to learn how to build App like WhatsApp and other. Simple tool to do this will be taught


Building technology

Develop one of the application in class for better understanding of technology


Augmenting public urban spaces

The impact of the digital future on the design of public urban spaces


Sustainable urbanization

The role of ICT in city development


Robotics in future cities

How robotics has impact on future cities

Course Evaluation